The fun of watching movies and TV Shows on your PC or handset has been made so manageable. There is a number of websites that offer online streaming and easy downloading of your favorite movies. Good sites like 1primewire have a comprehensive range of content for the viewers. There are varied categories from which the users can browse and pick the intended content. One also has the option of becoming a premium member by enrolling with a nominal paid subscription. The members have access to more content and improved quality of videos. In this article, you will be informed about the most convenient way of watching the desired content on the website.


Tap On The Filter Category

The user can individually click on the loved category and start enjoying the content. But the most convenient way of finding is by tapping on the filter tab available in the website. The user can find the tab on the upper column of 1primewire website and sort the content on the following grounds:

  • Sort By: One can search the video from one of these subheads: Last added, most viewed, Name, IMDb or Release year.
  • Type: Whether one desires to watch Movies or TV- Series, the Type category gives an option to the users to tick on the same.
  • Quality: The video categories in the website comprise of SD, CAM, and HD. The resolutions can be further picked when the video initiates.
  • Release: The video of the desired year can be selected and accessed by the user. You have to simply tick on the relevant year.
  • Subtitles: The user can pick desired subtitle language for the videos and the site has numerous languages.
  • Genres: One can conveniently pick the genre and the movie or TV-Series. The content of the same genre will be displayed.

The filter category is definitely the most amazing feature of 1primewire and the user can log-in and enjoy the video they strongly wish to watch.

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