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On February 12, 2010, Nigel Page and Justin Lakecock of Gloucestershire discovered that they had won £ 56 million in the European lottery. Nigel reacted by saying, “I jumped out of the plane at 12,000 feet, but that’s nothing compared to what I feel now!”

Lottery players in the UK often dream of how they would change their lives if they won the first prize. The question is: does this really improve your life?

Mark Gardiner won £ 11 million in the British National Lottery in 1995

He assumed fame, which gave him victory, and then borrowed or spent his winnings. His generous habits led him into trouble with many of his friends and family. Looking back, Mark says: “The problem is not in the money, but in the fact that money brings with it. This allowed me to get rid of the problem box, but they just replaced it with an even bigger problem box. ” “

Winners find it hard to not have money one day or too much money the next day. The organizers of the British National Lottery, Camelot, have developed a counseling system for such winners. Advisor to the winners of Camelot, Dot Renshaw, says he is warning winners not to make decisions too quickly. A reasonable approach is to take leave immediately to allow victory and the change of their lives to drown. 比特 organizes a group of professionals such as bankers, financial advisors and lawyers to advise on the best approach for winners. Few people can handle large sums of money alone.

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