marriage counsellor

Fontana is a permanent resident of Singapore who has combined her clinical training in the united states. Culturally sensitive therapy is provided in the local Singaporean and expatriate community. She is aware of the marriage counselling Singapore work as she has extensive experience in the local community. The child clients at the residential care are provided with the intensive treatment by Fontana. She has extended her works as the southeast Asian contact with her involvement in the expatriate community. The Singapore active toddlers are founded in the year 2007 by Fontana for both the expatriate and local parents. The couple and individual therapy which is provided by Fontana has become very popular. She can work with children and their families with her specialized training skills.

marriage counsellor

Internship and clinical practicum:

The well-researched inventions have made her dedicated in order to improve the lives of others. Fontana always looks forward to working with each and every client by offering the best services at marriage counsellor. The internship and clinical practicum in the united states were completed by her for about 3000 hours. The skill of principals and demonstrated knowledge are possessed by a certified CTRT therapist. The advanced intermediate training was completed by Fontana with the top US faculty. The important relationships can be improved by learning the internal control as CTRT is based on the principals of helping people. She has completed training on the new DSM model in order to help her clients.

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