Do the rabbits sleep?

If you have a domestic rabbit by your side, perhaps you have ever wondered if they sleep, because they always seem to be awake. They are adorable animals with a curious behavior, regardless of the type of breed or fur.

Obviously, the councils do sleep, but they do it differently than other, more popular pets. In this article by Expert Animal we explain all the details that surround your rabbit’s dream and explain why it is so. Keep reading to know everything about your rabbit’s rest:


Do rabbits sleep day or night?

밤토끼 are crepuscular animals , that means that their period of greatest activity is in the early morning and at the end of the night. These are the ideal moments to play with him and practice fun activities.

You should know that the rabbit owes its survival to its permanent state of alert , for that same reason it takes advantage of the hours of lowest activity (midday or midnight) to take a nap, always with discretion.

Do they snooze with their eye unlock or stopped up?

Rabbits that are still not comfortable with their new home are able to sleep with their eyes open , a way to remain alert to any danger. It will be difficult for you to watch him sleeping during the first weeks.

As the rabbit begins to feel more comfortable and confident in his new residence, you can enjoy watching him sleep peacefully. Of course, you will need time, comfort and a very quiet area where you feel comfortable.

How many hours do rabbits sleep a day?

It is difficult to determine exactly the sleeping time of a rabbit since it will depend directly on his mood: of tranquility or restlessness. However, the most common is that the rabbit usually rests between 6 and 8 hours a day and can get to sleep up to 10 in conditions of calm and ideal tranquility.

As you can see it is a mammal that likes to relax and sleep, provided you feel comfortable enough to do so.

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