When customer touch points with the business increase, it gets important for the customers to get the seamless and consistent experience touch points. With the IVR services, customers will be routed through the Automated IVR unit where they will choose service that they are searching for, when being guided by different pre recorded voice. We offer the suite of APIs for integrating with a variety of third party apps for building best IVR systems and intelligent Dialer systems according to your business requirement. APIs are the system agnostic as well as work in response and request way. You can explore more and test your limits about what you will achieve using all-in-one IP Office Phone System, conferencing, messaging, video, contact center, and combined communications.

Advantages of using IVR system

  • Standard customer service – The IVRs help in automating generic and basic customer queries, and by IVR many queries are resolved without even interacting with your customer support reps.
  • Make professional call- You can play the welcome message on the business phone, IVR system will help in personalizing the customer greeting in th regional languages
  • Take high call volume- The IVR systems will help the companies to take high call volumes. The callers are routed directly to its right department.
  • Prioritize calls – The IVRs system will allow you set up priority to the customer calls that is based on customer LTV, it this way you won’t lose high value of customer because of slow response time and poor customer service.
  • Take off hours queries – You can play pre-recorded messages on off hours and holidays

IVR system feature

With IVR you will get relevant call reports such as call number dropped on the IVR system, call number missed, live dashboards and analytics that will help in making better business decision.

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